Gear Review: Gerber MP400

A good multi-tool bridges the gap between uselessness and the ability to perform small fixes. After years of use, we discuss the Gerber MP400.

December 30, 2019

Gerber's MP400 multi-tool is the "every-man" of the multi-tool world. It's not going to dazzle anyone with features, but it's trustworthy, tough, and dependable. The design allows for a quick, single handed opening (provided the tool isn't gummed up with grit, sand, or other debris) and they provide a reasonable quality tool for a fair price.

Gerber MP400 Compact Multitool

Duration of Testing: 5+ years

Utility - 6

Durability - 6

Comfort - 7

Weight - 7

Cost - 5

Overall - 6/10

Bottom Line: Recommend


Likewise, Gerber's customer service shines: upon breaking the screwdriver, which is one of this particular tools "weak links", Gerber replaced the part, no questions asked. Their turnaround time was just a couple of weeks.

The tool itself is small enough for most people to carry without making them look like they're on a service call. Furthermore, it's easy and fast to open and operate. The stainless steel isn't titanium. The user has to know the limitations, specifically: torsion is hard on the bits. The MP400 isn't a tool you're going to use to take old bolts out of a rusty truck, however it's absolutely adequate for most common repairs you come across on a daily basis.

The pliers work as well as expected with a good, symmetric bite, and the blade keeps an edge well enough. Furthermore, the MP400 is light and small enough to be a discreet, yet helpful, addition to your Everyday Carry. While it's not the cheapest, or perhaps the best tool available, it's simple, utilitarian design and compact size make it a solid contender, and my personal choice for my EDC multitool.

Having carried it for more than 5 years now, I can in good faith recommend it without hesitation. Just know what it is and what it isn't, and it will serve you well.





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