Firearm Skills

Pistol Shooting Drills 201

A collection of warm-up pistol drills to work at on the range. Focusing on the fundamentals and marksmanship.

April 30, 2020
Gino A.

The following is a collection of bullseye pistol drills working the fundamentals of marksmanship with a pistol. All can be done with standard printer paper with the bulls eye target provided below.

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Print this TARGET out to use with the drills

Bullseye Drill 1

  • Range: 3, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 25 yard line.
  • Starting Position: Weapon presented at the 3 yard line.
  • Drill: With no time limit, fire ten well aimed shots into the bullseye. If your score is 90 points or higher then move to the next yard line and repeat the drill. Only progress to the next yard line as long as you are scoring 90 points or higher.
  • Purpose: The purpose of this drill is to increase your accuracy. You should be fully focused on the fundamentals of shooting.
  • Score: Your score is the farthest yard line you are able to successfully complete.

Bullseye Drill 2

  • Range: 7, 10, 15, 20 and 25 yard line.
  • Starting Position: Gun presented towards the target at the 7 yard line with 1 round chambered.
  • Drill: At your own speed, fire 1 round into the bullseye. Next, conduct 5 dry-fire drills at the same target. repeat the drill 10 times and then move back to the 10 yard line and repeat. Continue to move back as long as you can achieve a score of 90 or higher.
  • Purpose: To work on the fundamentals. Dry-firing is a great way to work on the fundamentals when you are at home or if you have minimal rounds to use at the range. Each round of dry-fire should be conducted as if you were firing a live round.
  • Score: Your score is the farthest yard line you are able to successfully complete.

Bullseye Drill 3

  • Range: 3 yard line
  • Starting Position: Gun presented at target with a full magazine
  • Drill: Before the sound of the buzzer the instructor calls out a number between 2 and 20. At the sound of the buzzer the shooter will fire 2 rounds that equal the number that was called out by the instructor. For example: if the instructor called out 9, the shooter could shoot the 1 ring and the 8 ring, the 3 ring and the 6 ring or any other combination of rings that was called out.
  • Purpose: This drill forces the shooter to think while conducting precision shooting. If this drill is too easy move back to the 5or 7 yard line. This is a good drill to conduct with a shooter who may be having grouping issues and tends to over think the shooting process.
  • Score: Your score is the farthest line you are able to successfully complete.

One Hand Bullseye Progression

  • Range: 3, 5, 7, 10 yard line
  • Starting Position: 3 yard line, gun presented with strong hand only.
  • Drill: At your own pace fire 5 rounds into the bullseye using your strong hand only. Change hands and fire 5 more rounds into the bullseye using your weak hand only. If you achieve 70 points or better move back to the 5 yard line. Complete this drill until you can no longer score 70 points or better.
  • Purpose: This drill is designed to enhance both your strong hand and weak hand shooting. Sight alignment and trigger squeeze will be extremely important here.
  • Score: Record your farthest yard line completed.

Stay tuned for Pistol 201, where we will start to get into reloads and weapons manipulation outside of just fundamentals.

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